Snake Plissken Quotes That Can Make Anyone Feel Like A Total Badass

03.17.15 4 years ago 5 Comments

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Picking a definitive film of Kurt Russell and John Carpenter’s collaborations is a difficult task. You have your campy sci-fi action with Big Trouble in Little China. Your sci-fi horror special effects tour de force with The Thing. And then there’s Escape From New York/L.A. Snake Plissken may not have had the brawn of his ’80s action cohorts Stallone and Schwarzenegger, but dammit, was he 100x more intimidating.

In honor of Kurt Russell’s 64th birthday, let’s look at some of Snake Plissken’s classic lines that can make anyone feel like a total badass. Even if they don’t wear an eye patch.

“Land of the free.”

For when you thought you had rights, but find them under attack.

“President of what?”

When you want to challenge authority. ANY authority.

“You better hope I don’t make it back.”


Goldcrest Films

Next time somebody ask you to run some trivial bs errand, throw this one out there.

“I’m an a**hole.”

Sometimes you just have to be honest with people about who you are.

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