This ‘SNL’ ‘Star Wars’ Toy Commercial Is For The Pathetic Man-Child Inside Us All

With less than a week until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters, it’s hard not to be excited at any age. This movie not only represents an entrance for a new generation into the Star Wars universe, it also gives a bit of redemption to the older generations that feel betrayed by their master, George Lucas. That’s a bit of hyperbole, sure, but you go ahead and bring up the prequels to a group of real Star Wars fans. The kind we see in this all-too-real ad from ‘SNL’ that shows the newest additions to the Star Wars toy collection.

Sure kids like to play with their toys and recreate their favorite moments from the film. They also like to go outside the box and think of their own interesting ideas too. But the adult collectors wouldn’t even fathom touching the box of their favorite Star Wars toys (or dolls). That would ruin its mint condition value and any collector potential for the toys. And yes, I did say toys.

Things likely get a bit too real when you noticed Bobby Moynihan’s sweat pants or see the look in Taran Killam’s eye when the kids bring up his wife, but just remember that it’s a sketch. It isn’t a judgment on your life decisions or personal hygiene. Star Wars is for everybody to enjoy. If you want to go out and purchase two BB-8 droids to roll around your house or fill your basement full of black series figures that you might not be able to sell, that’s your decision. Enjoy yourself, Star Wars fan. You’ve made it to adulthood and nobody can tell you what to do until you decide to break the law.

(Via SNL)

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