Sonny Corleone Lines For When You Need To Step Up

Features Writer


It’s been 45 years since audience’s first met the Corleone family on the big screen. In that time, there are certain moments that seem to stick: Clemenza’s (Richard S. Castellano) cooking lesson, Don Vito’s (Marlon Brando) persuasive offering, and Michael’s (Al Pacino) evaporating innocence. Of course, no one moment stands out quite like the epic, violent death of Santino ‘Sonny’ Corleone (James Caan). But Sonny, like the rest of his Corleone kin, is so much more than his most memorable moment.

A man famous for his temper, Sonny, the eldest Corleone son, briefly took over as Don after his father was almost killed during a botched assassination attempt. Without warning, it was up to Sonny to take the reins of the family and guide them through the uncertainty of a full-scale gang war. While he lacked the cool, collected demeanor of his father, Sonny had a style of leadership that was all his own — for better or worse. For those moments when you’ve got to step up and take charge, let these Sonny Corleone quotes help guide you.

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