Watch The Next Spider-Man, Tom Holland, Perform Dazzling Aerial Feats Without The Use Of CGI

We’ve seen the next Spider-Man, Tom Holland, perform some aerial tricks before, but never to this degree of difficulty, grace, and sheer awesomeness. Watch Tom above, as he pulls off gainers, backflips, front flips, and other flippy, twisty stuff that probably has a name, but I’m not an Olympic judge, dammit!

Young Holland is obviously busy preparing for the second big-screen reboot of the Spider-Man franchise, and it’s refreshing to see someone don the Spidey mask who actually has the ability to do Spidey stuff. Spider-Man is one of the most agile characters in the Marvel Universe, so it makes sense that Tom can do some serious acrobatics, although with the full body suit and mask, the audience can’t tell who’s in it anyway. But, try telling Tom Cruise that he doesn’t have to hang out of a plane for a film, that it can be done convincingly with a little CGI, and you’ll get the same blank stare you’d get if you told him Scientology was a sham. What I’m saying is, some actors gon’ act, other actors gon’ fly.

We’ll get our first glimpse of Holland as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War this upcoming May, and the standalone Spider-Man film will be hitting theaters on July 27, 2017.

(via Collider/Instagram)