Adorable Padawans Played ‘Star Wars’ Music With Lightsaber Violin Bows

If you woke up on this most lovely Memorial Day and thought to yourself, “man, I sure would love to see an unbearably cute Star Wars fan tribute today,” then we’ve got some wonderful news for you. It comes in the form of this video of a small army of violin-wielding padawans putting on an exceptional string performance of various pieces of music from the franchise. You can check out the video above, and trust us, it’s significantly more stirring than you’re expecting.

First of all, seriously, they sound amazing. Even setting aside the jedi robes and the lightsaber violin bows (LIGHTSABER VIOLIN BOWS, YOU GUYS), the arrangement is genuinely exceptional. These kids are crazy talented and it’d be cool enough to just watch them kill it at this recital. That being said, it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re wearing Jedi robes and playing violin with lit-up lightsaber bows. Is that not the most wonderful sentence?

We all know Star Wars fans tend to go all-out in their love for the franchise, even those in high places (hey, even Whataburger gets hype for it), so it’s always cool to see young fans going all-in on their enthusiasm for galaxies far, far away.

(Via USA Today)