‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ May Get A Major Action Injection From Donnie Yen

If you love action movies, you’re probably familiar with Donnie Yen. If you are not familiar with Donnie Yen, watch this compilation of scenes from Flash Point, which is on Netflix. Now, imagine that guy with a lightsaber. Krieger pretty much sums up any sane reaction to that news.

Granted, this may not be 100 percent true. It comes from Latino Review, which in turn got it from Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily, so neither source is what you call super-reliable. But it would make a lot of sense to bring in Yen; he’s had a long career, is a superstar in Asia, and can apply boot to ass on an industrial scale. He’s also a decent actor, which is likely all things Rian Johnson is looking for in his sequel.

Time will tell if this is true; if it’s the case, we’ll likely hear about it soon after Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters and destroys the box office like Yen destroys people’s ribcages. Until then, if nothing else, at least we can dream of a Jedi decking his opponent before putting him in an armbar.

(Via Latino Review)

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