The Official ‘Star Wars’ Facebook Page Had A Pointed Response To A Dumb, Sexist Comment

08.28.15 3 years ago 41 Comments


Protip: If you start a sentence with “Not to be sexist,” cease forming that sentence in your head and do not continue your thought, because what you’re going to say is most likely sexist. As one commenter on the Star Wars Facebook page learned, leaving a sexist comment on a very popular, high-traffic social media page may result in severe burns. In this case, from the Star Wars account itself.

Twitter user Amber Gordon came across a pretty dumb comment that read, “Not to be sexist” — prepare for totally sexist comment — “but it’s really hard to tell that’s female armor for me.”

Oh, dear child. Get your finest, fullest bottle of aloe, because Star Wars is about to deal you a burn straight from the horse’s mouth. (It is a fire-breathing horse, just FYI.)

The social media manager running the Star Wars account responded thusly:

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