‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Character Names Revealed By This Trading Card Set

We’ve been hitting all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens news hard, from the trailer to the shot-for-shot breakdown to the many memes, mashups, swedings, tattoos, etc. Now several of the characters’ names have been revealed to Entertainment Weekly via a set of retro Topps trading cards in the style of the five series of cards released by Topps for the original trilogy.

Abrams and Kennedy have mocked up three from the red series, and five from the blue series. […] The card captions also give a hint about the state of mind of the characters, but this far from the Dec. 18, 2015 release date, the filmmakers don’t want to reveal any more.

“I’m only sorry we couldn’t give everyone a stick of gum,” Abrams says.

No stale, powdery gum? DEALBREAKER. I am SO DONE with this trilogy. #WorseThanJarJar

Kidding aside, here are the new cards and their corresponding numbers, with our notes in brackets.

#11 — BB-8 [ball droid!] on the move
#53 — Poe Dameron [Oscar Isaac] in his X-Wing
#67 — Kylo Ren [Adam Driver, perhaps?] ignites his Lightsaber
#74 — Rey [Daisy Ridley] on her Speeder
#76 — Finn [John Boyega, deal with it] on the run
#81 — Stormtroopers prepare for battle
#88 — X-Wings in formation [Note the design change. The wings now open up in the middle.]
#96 — The Millennium Falcon

For what it’s worth, J.J. Abrams said the border colors and numbering of the cards is, of course, significant. OOO, MYSTERY. Check out some of them below, and the rest over at Entertainment Weekly.