The Darkest Secrets Won’t Stay Buried In The Chilling Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘1922’

09.23.17 1 year ago 4 Comments

Not all Stephen King adaptations are created equal. Heck, we saw that this summer when The Dark Tower misfired and It became record-breaking behemoth a few weeks later. Even by King standards, 2017 has seen a lot of play on the big screen, cable and streaming services with that trend continuing next month courtesy of a Netflix crime-thriller offering.

Nestled above is the trailer for 1922. Based on a Stephen King novella, the film centers around a man’s confession of his wife’s murder. Thomas Jane, who has The Mist and Dreamcatcher as King adaptations under his belt, plays our murderin’ man with a nasty habit of being a less than reliable storyteller. If that bothers you, please find comfort in Thomas Jane shifting from menacing to menaced as the trailer unravels. These Final Hours filmmaker Zak Hilditch serves as writer/director on the project which also has the razzle dazzle of Molly Parker staring opposite Jane.

This early peek is definitely teasing something with less crossover oomph than It, but 1922 is sensibly marketing itself as a taut thriller ready and waiting for you on Netflix. If you can’t wait until October 20th for the movie, at least you can count on Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game adaptation popping up on the service on September 29th.

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