Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Is Bloated, Racist, And (Somehow) Still A Masterpiece

05.10.15 4 years ago 93 Comments
We love the apocalypse. Zombie invasions, nuclear holocausts, a ragged band of survivors — we’re fascinated by these stories because they’re as attractive as they are terrifying. On the surface, they represent the primal horror of everything we know disappearing. All of our loved ones, dead. All the order and comfort of our previous lives, replaced by wilderness.

But apocalypse stories also speak to the common human fantasy of wiping the slate clean and starting over. The upside of Armageddon is that you don’t have to worry about your bullsh*t job anymore, or any of the daily aggravations of modern life. You are free to redefine your existence. You have nothing, and everything is possible.

What would you do with that freedom? If the world ended tomorrow, would you be a good guy or a bad guy?