Journalist Lisa Guerrero Recalls ‘Private Rehearsal’ Harassment From Steven Seagal While Auditioning For A Role

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In the ongoing fallout over the extensive and damning allegations attached to Harvey Weinstein, a spotlight has been placed on the issue of sexism, harassment and abuse of power in Hollywood. Actresses and actors have increasingly come forward to speak on the subject (often recalling the abuse they personally received) with more upsetting stories about inexcusable behavior arriving by the day.

Tales of action film star Steven Seagal being wildly inappropriate are nothing new with allegations of rape and assault attached to the actor. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Inside Edition correspondent Lisa Guerrero has come forward to recall her own experience with Seagal when she auditioned for his 1997 film Fire Down Below. Guerrero says she’s told friends, colleagues and actresses about what happened, although it was the Harvey Weinstein story that pushed her to go public.

“I’ve told friends, colleagues — I’ve warned young actresses in acting classes and projects I’ve worked on. I said, ‘Don’t go to Steven Seagal’s home alone. This is what happened to me,’ explained Guerrero. “But the Weinstein story, specifically the part about him answering the door in his robe, that triggered my memory and brought up those images again of what happened with Steven Seagal. It triggered my revulsion at what it feels like to be an actress and having a powerful star and executive producer answer his door in a robe.”

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