Steven Seagal Is Deemed Too ‘Dangerous’ To Enter Ukraine, Gets A Five-Year Ban

Aikido master and straight to streaming action star Steven Seagal has been designated as too dangerous for Ukraine. So much so that the Ukrainian government has levelled a five-year ban on the Marked for Death actor. It’s not martial arts, high death count movies or his reggae that’s sparked the restriction, either.

The Guardian reports that Seagal has been hit with a five-year blacklisting due to his very public relationship with Russia. Seagal, who received Russian citizenship and passport directly from Vladimir Putin in 2016, has been deemed by Ukraine to be a national security threat. In a letter published on Apostrophe, the Ukrainian security service stated that Seagal “committed socially dangerous actions … that contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine’s security.” Considering where Russia-Ukraine relations are in 2017, Seagal getting being blocked isn’t too surprising.

If it’s any consolation to Ukrainian Seagal mega-fans, the Exit Wounds star is someone worth having a think about before having in town. Remember the time Seagal rode a tank over a puppy and 100 chickens in a tank while filming his TV show? You don’t need that in your lives, Ukraine. Ditto the cloud of sexual harassment allegations that follows the man around. Consider this an excellent opportunity to have a five-year think about what you expect from Steven Seagal.

(Via The Guardian)