Steven Soderbergh Secretly Shot An Entire Movie On The iPhone


Whatever your opinion of Steven Soderbergh, he’s not shy about experiments. Whether he’s working with non-actors in Bubble, using entirely vintage film equipment on The Good German, or turning stunt casting on its head with The Girlfriend Experience or Haywire, he’s game for anything. And his latest movie appears to be inspired by the indie drama Tangerine, as Soderbergh snuck around filming everything on the iPhone.

According to Variety, Claire Foy (The Crown) and Juno Temple will star in the movie, which is apparently completely shot already and just needs somebody to put it in theaters. For those wondering, you can, in fact, achieve stunning results on the iPhone, it just takes an experienced eye. Just what it’s about appears to be an open question, as the script hasn’t leaked, but Soderbergh tends to use these smaller movies as some form of experiment, so whatever it is, it’ll likely be intriguing. And for those keeping track, yes, Soderbergh supposedly retired from feature filmmaking with HBO’s 2013 Liberace biopic Behind The Candelabra.

Meanwhile, Soderbergh has a much more conventional movie on the way in August, the NASCAR heist comedy Logan Lucky, although that’s an experiment in its own way. Soderbergh is, with a little assistance, putting the movie in theaters himself, and any money the movie makes back will go straight to the cast and crew. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, but either way, it looks like Soderbergh’s back to making movies.