Watch This Glorious Clip Of A Young, Mulleted George Clooney On ‘Merv Griffin’ In 1985

Back before E.R., an Oscar-winning movie career, and one of the most high-profile weddings of the century, George Clooney was just another pretty face in Los Angeles. In this 1985 appearance on The Merv Griffin Show (which was released onto DVD this week), a floppy-mulleted Clooney describes how he was discovered by ABC’s head of casting while playing volleyball on the beach. Just think, we were one errant volleyball away from Dr. Ross being played by, like, Ted McGinley.

Even back in 1985, you can see how George Clooney already had that Clooney charm, but thank god he eventually got himself a stylist. Are those yellow socks supposed to match his loud shirt with the couples-holding-hands print? I know it was the ’80s, but that’s an abomination in any decade.