John Cena Made It Weird (And Awkward) By Showing Up To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ In His Peacemaker Costume

When you have Margot Robbie next to you, it’s kind of hard to steal the show, but that’s exactly what John Cena pulled off on Wednesday night when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote The Suicide Squad while decked out in his full Peacemaker costume. With director James Gunn in tow, Cena went for it and spent the entire interview grinning like a goon while looking like an absolute weirdo.

Of course, he was completely in character for Peacemaker, who Gunn has described as the “world’s biggest douchebag,” and apparently, Cena won’t stop taking the costume home. According to Gunn, Cena (while filming the recently wrapped first season of the Peacemaker spinoff for HBO Max) had to be warned repeatedly to leave the costume on set.

“By the way, John stole this outfit,” Gunn told guest host Anthony Anderson (via Comic Book). “I just want to tell everybody that we’ve asked him. Because after we shot The Suicide Squad, we shot the Peacemaker TV series, and I kept telling him to quit taking the outfit. I know it doesn’t look like it’s that [expensive], but these costumes are tens of thousands of dollars to put together. And we’re hoping for a Season 2, and now HBO’s not gonna give it to us, because we’re over budget.”

The trio also regaled Anderson with tales of Cena’s crazy stunts like stuffing his face with a dangerous amount of empanadas during a scene, which doesn’t even compare to another part of this interview, in which Robbie reveals why she slept in the same room as a cardboard Cena cutout for years. Anderson and the Jimmy Kimmel Live crew then graciously brought the cardboard cutout action back for her. Yay.