Sydney Sweeney Sang ‘Unwritten’ At Karaoke While Dressed As A Pirate, For Some Reason

Natasha Bedingfield got a Kate Bush on Stranger Things-like bump in popularity when her 2004 adult contemporary classic “Unwritten” was played in Anyone But You. Not just once, either, but multiple times, including over the end credits. (Cast sing-alongs as the credits roll? Rom-coms are back.) “Unwritten” still must mean a lot to Anyone But You star Sydney Sweeney, as she recently sang it at karaoke while dressed as a pirate.

“what’s a pirates favorite letter?” the actress wrote on Instagram, along with photos where she’s at sea with a bunch of other people dressed as buccaneers (and one plastic skeleton). She also included the video where she’s singing “Unwritten.” Is she auditioning for the next Pirates of the Caribbean? Cue the conservative outrage over pirates being woke now.

Earlier this year, Bedingfield told British GQ about how “Unwritten” ended up in Anyone But You. “I get a lot of requests for my different songs to go in movies, but I love when it’s a rom-com because I really am a rom-com fan. My publishers [said] it’s being used a lot, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, yeah,’ and then I watched it and wow. They told me they actually sang the song in every single scene,” she said. It was a bop then, and it’s still a bop now.

You can see Sweeney’s Instagram post below.