When Will ‘Anyone But You’ Be On Netflix?

Good news for fans of love, outdated Shakespeare adaptations and/or Glen Powell without a mustache: Anyone But You is finally heading to streaming!

Not only did the film get a Netflix release date, but Sydney Sweeney has also confirmed that her and Powell are on the lookout to star in another rom-com. “We’re fielding multiple scripts a week. It’s very exciting,” she confirmed this month. She has also expressed interest in a sequel for the film, which starred the two actors as a duo posing as a couple.

The movie hit theaters in December, and Netflix has announced that the hit rom-com will land on the streamer on April 23rd. It’s currently available for rent or purchase from AppleTV and Amazon Prime.


After Anyone But You became an unexpected box-office success, Sweeney told Variety that the success of the film has increased the interest in romcoms. “There are so many romantic comedy scripts that are getting sent to me now! And I would love to do another one. It just has to be the right script,” she explained.

Last month, Sweeney said there is “a high nine chance” that the duo will reunite for a sequel. While nothing has been confirmed, Powell seems to love starring in sequels (Top Gun! Twisters! Spy Kids 3-D!) so he will probably be on board.