Vince Vaughn Is Not Ready To Stop Being Serious In The New Trailer For ‘Term Life’

Vince Vaughn is not ready to stop making this very serious face.

It’s sort of a frown, sort of a scowl; either way, it conveys profound inner turmoil and a general sense of ennui, which are things we don’t normally associate with Vaughn. Hence, the face. He made this face for the entirety of season two of True Detective. He made it every time he thought about season two of True Detective in the privacy of his own home. And he’s making it in basically every scene in the new trailer for his latest film, Term Life.

If the trailer, rife with Serious Vaughn Faces, or the title, rife with bad puns, didn’t make it clear just how #hardcore this film is, the tagline should: “A daughter out of options. A father out of time.” Here is the actual synopsis for Term Life: “Everyone wants Nick (Vince Vaughn) dead. A desperate man, Nick takes out a life insurance policy on himself, payable to his estranged daughter (Hailee Steinfeld). But the policy doesn’t take effect for 21 days and he might not live that long.”

Nick might not live that long because a) he’s being framed for the death of someone named Alejandro (William Levy), whose “dangerous” dad (Jordi Molla) is pissed he’s dead, and because b) he’s friends with Breaking Bad‘s Jonathan Banks, who, as you’ll recall, either actively or inadvertently contributes to the deaths of everyone around him. It doesn’t help matters that Nick’s daughter Kate is running around with “a group of dopey kids, making bad choices.” (According to the trailer, “bad choices” just means wandering about the streets while looking joyful, and playing guitar.)

Attempted murders and ill-considered artistic pursuits aside, the most exciting moment of the trailer is when Jonathan Banks insults Vince Vaughn’s terrible haircut. It is a truly terrible haircut. Is this part of the plot? Is Nick being framed for murder because nobody can bear to look upon the mushroom nightmare that is his hair? Or was this a conscious choice on the part of Vince Vaughn? Why didn’t Hailee Steinfeld, who has fabulous hair, intervene?

Directed by Peter Billingsley — who directed another bleak Vaughn film, Couples RetreatTerm Life co-stars literally everyone alive, including Bill Paxton, Mike Epps, Jon Favreau, Shea Whigham, Taraji P. Henson, Annabeth Gish, Terrence Howard and Cain Velasquez. The action-thriller will hit VOD March 1 and limited release April 8.