Sacha Baron Cohen Rips Sophisticated Spy Tropes To Bits In The Brand New NSFW ‘Brothers Grimsby’ Trailer

Acclaimed/vilified (check your calendar for this week’s listing) comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is an intriguing man of mystery as an offscreen figure, but onscreen it’s a safe bet the Borat mastermind won’t shy away from go-for-broke gags and the occasional incest + poison joke. For a dude that’s so private about his personal life, he sure has no problem talking about bathing suit regions. The author of this post is one of the six people that liked The Dictator, so that is not meant as dig. It’s just Baron Cohen has a knack for knocking out a joke that could turn a church picnic to dust if they ever encountered it.

Building on the raunchy momentum of the last red band trailer for The Brothers Grimsby, this new and very NSFW preview barfs all over the mystique of a gentleman’s spy flick. Baron Cohen’s well-intentioned hooligan Nobby doles out advice, frustrates his brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), and finds time to accidentally lodge an explosive in his bum. We’d make a bigger fuss of Baron Cohen sneaking in a Bill Cosby joke in this two minute sampler, but you probably could have guessed that was coming when the words “Sacha Baron Cohen” first popped up.

The Brothers Grimsby (or Grimsby if you’re in the U.K.) is set to arrive in theaters on March 11. In addition to Baron Cohen and Strong, the cast also boasts Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Gabourey Sidibe, and Isla Fisher. Now You See Me helmer Louis Leterrier serves as the film’s director.