The First ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Trailer Is Officially Here

If gothic action starring Vin Diesel is your thing, you’re going to be pretty excited by this gorgeous trailer for The Last Witch Hunter, the new film in which Diesel kicks evil’s butt while Michael Caine talks at him in a calm voice that can only suggest he’s the secret villain.

Here’s a description of the film via HitFix:

In “The Last Witch Hunter,” Vin Diesel plays Kaulder, a man cursed with immortality after defeating the Witch Queen. Now, centuries later, she has resurrected and is out for revenge (as you do). Kaulder must join forces with a modern witch (Rose Leslie) and save New York City from a devastating plague.

The movie comes out on October 23rd. For the record, even though the description is all about this Witch Queen, I’m still not trusting whoever Michael Caine’s playing.

Source: HitFix