The ‘John Wick’ Kill Counter Is Perfect For The Action Violence Enthusiast On The Go

If for some wildly ridiculous reason you still haven’t watched John Wick, you should stop what you’re doing and watch it immediately before you check out this video full of violent spoilers. Obviously, Danger Guerrero and I named the Keanu Reeves revenge rampage thriller our Best Movie of 2014 — without even discussing it, mind you — because we’re simply suckers for the story of a boy and his dog, specifically when that boy is the ultimate action movie badass and comes out of retirement after someone murdered his dog. It really is the classic American story, and we couldn’t be happier that a sequel is in development.

For those of you who have seen John Wick, but don’t have the time to watch it on repeat like some of us may have done last week, this John Wick Kill Counter is really the perfect solution. Mainly because that scene in his home should be shown on the first day of Action Movie School. If that’s something that exists.