Robert Pattinson And Willem Dafoe Lose Their Minds In ‘The Lighthouse’ Trailer From ‘The Witch’ Director

The Witch director Robert Eggers is returning with maritime melodrama and nautical nightmares starring the next Batman, Robert Pattinson, and a legendary actor, Willem Dafoe, who you may have also seen in a few pictures. From the looks of The Lighthouse trailer, this movie’s gonna destroy some movie seat armrests because if the dark and murky atmosphere doesn’t get you, then the wild-eyed Pattinson will walk right into your soul. Above, the dread and increasing sense of impending madness — with plenty of gallows humor — boil to the brim in the starkness of black and white. Pattinson and Defoe play two seamen who are confined to a rocky island for several weeks. All work and no cellular service makes these men dull and insane boys? Count me in.

Well, the film’s already been a big hit with the Cannes audience this year with folks singling out Pattinson’s increasingly refined acting chops. The Lighthouse looks bleak as hell and kind-of like a grim and outlandish buddy movie where the pair slowly loses their grip on sanity, and Adam Woodward of Little White Lies compared the men to twin versions of The Shining‘s Jack Torrance. Oh, and Woodward revealed that the movie also also features “the most avant garde flatulence ever committed to celluloid.” My money’s on Pattinson for that crime. He’s willing to prove himself in just about any way right now. Dafoe would never. (God, I hope I am wrong.)

The Lighthouse will arrive “soon” in theaters. So ominous.