‘The Nice Guys’ Knock Out A None-More-Retro Trailer

As the release date for Shane Black’s 70s-set action-comedy The Nice Guys wafts closer, we’ve now been presented with a retro treatment for the film’s trailer. No need to be a time traveling Presidential candidate to see it, we’ve got it tucked above for your viewing pleasure.

Clocking in at an efficient 73 seconds, this bit of promo features Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in all their questionably facial haired glory. A healthy assortment of era-specific marketing quirks pop up and we’re “introduced” to Kim Basinger. That’s lovely news because we’re sure that actress is heading places. (You’re welcome, Hollywood!)

If you’ve come across previous trailer funzos for the film, the gags/shots/corpse disposal techniques should be pretty familiar. The draw is its retro sheen that presents the trailer like something discovered on a tape in your Nana’s garage that’s stuffed with old Bowling For Dollars episodes. Factor in the classic “Restricted” logo, a lack of embarrassment over using the term “multiplex” and some tasteful flamingo coloring and this clip ticks all the appropriate boxes.

The Nice Guys, which features Gosling as a private eye and Crowe as an enforcer, is set to arrive in theaters on May 20. That’s May 20, 2016.

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