The Cast Of ‘The Princess Bride’ Is Reuniting For A Virtual Script Read For Charity

For nearly 35 years, The Princess Bride has been an abiding favorite — a movie so beloved that its legions of fans pounce whenever someone even considers remaking it. Presumably they’ll be cool with this: According to Deadline, a number of the film’s cast members will reunite for one of the quarantine era’s more popular to-dos, the virtual script read, thereby offering a kind-of-not-quite remake.

Those returning include stars Cary Elwes and Robin Wright, baddie Chris Sarandon (but not, apparently, and alas, Christopher Guest), and supporting players Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, Carol Kane, and Billy Crystal. The get-together will also include a Q&A to be moderated by the film’s director, Rob Reiner, as well as Patton Oswalt, who presumably, like a lot of people, is just a big fan. (Pour a couple out for dearly departed Princess Bride cast members André the Giant and Peter Falk.)

Granted, it’s not free: To gain entry, you have to donate to the soiree’s chosen charity, i.e., the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, a traditionally blue state that Donald Trump flipped in 2016 and home to Kenosha, one of the epicenters of the Black Lives Matter protests. Reiner has long been an outspoken progressive, but it was Elwes who penned the night’s lacerating attack on America’s sitting president, which reads as follows:

“I think most people are aware by now that Donald Trump has completely abdicated his duties as President to represent and stand up for all Americans. He has failed to keep the country safe from COVID-19 and as a result he is responsible for the devastating chaos, violence and economic collapse that we are now experiencing.”

“If America is going to have a real chance at healing we must get rid of Trump. And that is only possible if we win Wisconsin. I am thrilled to be part of this very rare reunion of my colleagues from The Princess Bride as a way to increase awareness and garner resources for the state that will determine the fate of America.”

The Princess Bride script read will take place on Sunday, September 13 at 7pm EST.

(Via Deadline)