The Razzies Are Waiting For Donald Trump To Pick Up His ‘Worst Supporting Actor’ Trophy

Donald Trump is a — to use one word for it — proud man.

When the #FakeNews doubts the size of his inauguration, based on things like facts and common sense, he makes his press secretary claim, “This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration. Period!” After all, when you really stop and consider it, there’s no difference between 250,000 people and 1.5 million people (other than 1.25 million people). Using that foolproof logic, Trump should think winning a Razzie is basically the same thing as taking home an Oscar, which is why it’s odd he hasn’t picked up his Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor in 1989’s Ghosts Can’t Do It.

If you haven’t seen Ghosts Can’t Do It — which shared Worst Picture with The Adventures of Ford Fairlane — you really should. The premise is How Did This Get Made-level bonkers: “Scott and Kate are happily married despite their 30-year age difference. After Scott suffers a heart attack and is unable to make love, he commits suicide and becomes a ghost that only Kate can see and speak with. To make it possible for Scott to return as a human, they conjure up a plan to have a young man drown so that Scott can take his body.” Scott and Kate are played by Anthony Quinn and Bo Derek, and they decide to murder some dude so they can bone again. Cool. Got it.

Also, Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, plays himself.

At the 11th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards, Trump beat his co-star Leo Damian, as well as Gilbert Gottfried (The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Look Who’s Talking Too, and Problem Child), Wayne Newton (The Adventures of Ford Fairlane), and Burt Young (Rocky V), to win Worst Supporting Actor, the trophy for which currently rests on a mantle in Razzies HQ. “We’d like to get it out of here and place it with its rightful owner,” founders John Wilson and Mo Murphy told the Huffington Post, “in the office where he currently displays a very sad performance to a frightened world audience.”

Wilson later noted that Trump is one of the impressively few actors to win a Razzie for playing themselves. You know who else pulled off this rare accomplishment? George W. Bush for Worst Actor in Fahrenheit 9/11. Hillary Clinton never stood a chance (or starred in a suicidal ghost-sex comedy).

(Via the Huffington Post)