Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Shares The First Look At George In ‘Rampage’

Entertainment Editor
05.04.17 3 Comments

The Rock is playing a primatologist with an albino gorilla for a best friend in the film adaptation of the ’80s video game Rampage, and you can re-read that sentence as many times as you please; it just keeps getting better every time. Johnson has been sharing updates about the start of production via his Instagram, and the newest reveal punched into the sides of our buildings is this first look at him with his albino gorilla friend George, as a cake decoration in the picture above. Yep. That’s The Rock with an albino gorilla all right. I’ll be damned.

With monster movies making a big comeback, along with the recent trend of studios buying the rights to literally any nostalgic toy or game, — from Battleship and Rubik’s Cubes and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots to any number of old arcade games (I mean, even Missile Command) — it was only a matter of time before Rampage became an obvious IP to tap. (Oh yeah, tap that sweet IP.)

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