The Rock Keeps The Vin Diesel Jokes In His Movies Because They ‘Play Great’ With The Audience

Dwayne Johnson has regrets about making his “candy ass” feud with Vin Diesel public, but he admits that he “shouldn’t have shared that. Because at the end of the day, that goes against my DNA. I don’t share things like that. And I take care of that kind of bullsh*t away from the public.” It’s not too far away from the public, though, as two of The Rock’s movies have referenced his Fast and Furious co-star. First, it was the Florence Pugh-starring Fighting with My Family (“Yeah, and I’m Vin Diesel, mate”), and apparently there’s also a Diesel joke in Red Notice, Netflix’s most expensive movie ever.

“The jokes never end. People were asking me about [making Diesel jokes] and they just, they find a way, and you know, what’s interesting is, you know, these Vin Diesel jokes, which play great by the way to the audience, which is always a good thing because it’s all about [the audience],” Johnson told SiriusXM (via IndieWire). He continued:

“But, people think these jokes come from me and they actually don’t. I mean, you’d be surprised at how many people come to me with ‘I got a great one.’ I’m like ‘OK.’ ‘I got another great Vin Diesel joke.’ ‘I’m sure you do.’ [Laughs] Always funny.”

What do you think The Rock hears more, “I have a great Vin Diesel joke for you” or “here’s a supplement that will make you even more muscular”? It’s a dead heat. If I could tell him one thing and one thing only, it would be, “New Scorpion King movie, when?”

You can watch Johnson’s interview above. Red Notice comes out November 12.

(Via IndieWire)