Bryan Cranston Recreates ‘The Shining’ In Mountain Dew’s Bizarre Super Bowl Commercial

Doctor Sleep went to impressive lengths to recreate Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, right down to young Danny’s creepy ride around the Overlook Hotel on his bike. In fact, according to director Mike Flanagan, “the only image taken directly from Kubrick’s work is the shot of the bloody elevators.” But Mountain Dew, of all things, went even further.

To promote Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, the greenest of green calorie-free sodas re-made the two most famous scenes from The Shining: “here’s Johnny” and the elevator full of blood. Except instead of Jack Nicholson chopping down the door, it’s now Bryan Cranston (who looks remarkably like Jack Nicholson circa 1980) screaming “HERE’S MOUNTAIN DEW ZERO” before handing Tracee Ellis Ross a bottle, and now the blood is Mountain Dew. (“The blood is Mountain Dew” is the last thing I say on my deathbed.)

If you’ve ever wanted to see Heisenberg drinking Mountain Dew while dressed as the “come play with us” twins, you’re in luck. I wonder which version Stephen King prefers?


I’m glad this Super Bowl commercial came out early — I need time to prepare myself for seeing that nightmare on my television. For more Super Bowl commercials, including Rick and Morty‘s Pringles robots and Chris Evans’ Boston accent, click here.