There Are Already Rumors About Who (Besides Jason Momoa) We’ll See In ‘Aquaman’

10.16.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

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I admit, I really thought DC was never going to do it. I wrote an entire piece about how it was never going to happen. So, let’s talk about who’s going to be in the Aquaman movie while I eat this crow.

The key ones come from The Aquaman Shrine, who tweeted this:

A quick overview for non-nerds: Mera is Aquaman’s wife, and she can control water, as in she can make it form goofy shapes and stuff, or if she’s angry, create a bubble of it around your head and drown you. Orm, Aquaman’s half-brother, is better known as Ocean Master and is basically Evil Aquaman. The Trench are a bunch of Aliens knockoffs who live under the sea and will eat pretty much anything, and can be controlled by magical ocean spells. And Black Manta is this guy.


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To be fair, in the New 52, Black Manta is substantially less of a joke, turning out to be fairly effective on land as well as sea. Around here, we last saw him keeping DC’s two most annoying characters from killing each other.

It’s interesting mostly because, well, if the rumor is true, that means they want pretty much every notable Aquaman villain in one movie. Somehow, we don’t think Captain Cutlass could carry Aquaman 2. So either they’re assuming Aquaman is a one-and-done proposition, or they’re just going to wait and see what the next few movies bring.

As for the tone of the movie, if they’re not inspired by this, especially with Jason Momoa in the role, they’re doing something wrong:

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