This Insane ‘Furious 7’ Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows How They Actually Dropped Cars From 12,000 Feet

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet for Furious 7, stop reading this and go watch it! I’ll wait…

So, how about those skydiving cars!?

Universal just released a behind the scenes featurette showing how the crew threw those cars out the back of a C-130 airplane without getting hurt. What’s really amazing here is hearing them discuss the timing and choreography needed to make all the moving pieces work. You’ve got skydiving cameramen, multiple planes staying out of each others’ way, the hovering helicopter watching the details of each shot, and those f*cking cars floating to the f*cking ground via f*cking parachutes!

Seriously, April 3rd can’t come quick enough.

(Source: YouTube)