This Musician Made An Impressive Multitrack A Capella Cover Of ‘Circle Of Life’ From ‘The Lion King’

“Circle of Life” from The Lion King is one of those epic songs that always seems to be performed with a large group of singers, and a complex musical arrangement. London-based musician Sam Robson has always loved the tune, and has made it his mission to create his own version of the beloved classic. Instead of employing a group didgeridoo players and a giant choir, Robson decided to perform a cover using only his voice, and some basic percussion instruments.

He accomplished the feat by creating a multitrack a cappella recording of himself, with some parts of the cover having as many as 50 voices singing at one. According to Robson, it was a dream he’s had for a long time:

“I’m really excited to bring you my latest project. As a kid I remember seeing the Lion King and being blown away by it, many years later I had the idea to arrange Circle of Life but bailed, due to it’s challenging nature. However, five years on from my previous idea I decided to give it one more push, and I’m really happy that I did.”

It’s amazing that Robson made all of those different voice recordings of himself sound so tight, and in tune. I’m pretty sure it would take Ke$ha about a decade to do the same.

(Via Tastefully Offensive, YouTube)