This Recut Trailer Asks The Question, What If ‘Home Alone’ Was A Horror Film?

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It really doesn’t take much to turn Home Alone into a horror film. I mean hell, the movie is literally about a kid whose family leaves him behind on Christmas and then he gets terrorized by two sadistic criminals who would probably slit his throat from ear to ear if they ever caught him. But instead the kid torments the criminals with a barrage of booby traps that would actually probably kill most people if they happened in real life. (I especially enjoyed Danger Gurrero’s observation that if Marv had walked through the door instead of Harry in the blowtorch scene, he would have gotten his face burned off.)

Anyway, somebody attempted to create a Home Alone trailer that turns it into a horror film, and I guess it works if you ignore the fact that Home Alone is a pretty f*cked up movie to begin with.

(H/T, @MShrayber)

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