Marvel Fans Are All Hyped-Up About A Big Surprise In The ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Trailer (No, Not Thor’s Butt)

As promised, Marvel dropped a new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer during Monday night’s NBA playoff game, and people are freaking out over this latest look at the Taiki Waititi-directed film. Not only did it unveil the first official look at Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher, as well as promises of seeing Chris Hemsworth’s naked Thor butt, but audiences finally got to see Natalie Portman in action as Mighty Thor. Judging by the responses on social media, folks are definitely here for her bringing the female God of Thunder to life.

As shown in both trailers now, Portman’s Jane Foster somehow has possession of Mjölnir, Thor’s mythical hammer gifted to him by his father that was seemingly destroyed by his sister Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. And, yet, here it is, mostly intact. We say mostly because the cracks in the hammer from when it was shattered are still visible, but imbued with glowing blue lightning. As the new trailer reveals, that separation provides Mighty Thor with the opportunity to pull off a devastating attack.

In a brief clip, Jane can be seen felling a line of foes by hurling the shards of Mjölnir at them, which then fly back to her to reform the hammer. It’s a pretty sweet trick that not only impresses Thor, but also a ton of people on social media who are absolutely freaking out after the new attack. Again, we’re talking about a trailer where Thor is totally nude, and all people want to talk about is Jane’s new badass hammer move.

You can see just some of the Mjölnir reactions pouring in below:

Thor: Love and Thunder hammers into theaters on July 8, 2022.