The Cast Of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Is Officially Having Too Much Fun Behind The Scenes

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Details abut Thor: Ragnarok have been sliding out since some footage and concept art made an appearance at Comic-Con. We’ve also learned quite a bit about the silly tone on set via social media, including the beginning of a prank war between the cast members. A new slew of posts continue that trend, but also have a little fun with Marvel lore itself. If the new logo doesn’t hit home that Thor’s next adventure will bring a little levity to “the twilight of the gods”

First up we have Chris Hemsworth as a very laid back Thor, putting down the hammer for a moment to play Connect-4 with Aussie writer Daley Pearson — who wrote The Strange Calls, which you can find on Netflix as a follow up or side step to Stranger Things. They are very different shows, but share that weird side of things.

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