Tom Cruise Shows Off Footage Of Him Breaking His Ankle During A ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Stunt

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man is a consummate professional. You know what to expect from a Cruise performance, and that means he’s going to throw himself out of planes or off of buildings without hesitating. He’s also built up a reputation for doing his own stunts, even the most insane ones, but even the most seasoned action stars start to show a little wear and tear over time.

It was reported in August that Cruise had shattered his ankle on the set of Mission: Impossible 6, postponing production. Cruise and the rest of the main M:I-6 cast — Henry Cavill (complete with mustache), Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg — were on The Graham Norton Show couch this week, and the intrepid star brought the footage of his ankle breaking to gross out the audience (and Pegg). From multiple angles. If you ever want to see a man’s ankle shatter against a building in slo-mo, this is your chance.

Despite the painful injury, Cruise was hopping up and ready to finish the scene. The man may be 55, but it’s pretty clear why they pay him the big bucks. Thanks to that kind of work ethic, Mission: Impossible 6 will still be making it’s July 27 release date.