Tom Hanks Confirms That Production For ‘Toy Story 4’ Is Underway

Features Writer

Fans were ecstatic when Pixar released its lineup last month, including the confirmation of Toy Story 4. The adventures of Woody and Buzz have been some of Pixar’s finest installments, so this was arguably great news. While the saga seemed to have wrapped in Toy Story 3 when (spoilers) Andy left his toys with a new family, leave it to Pixar to find new storylines to mine. According to insiders, Toy Story 4 won’t directly follow the events of the previous film, instead taking the form of a romantic comedy.

Still, with a 2018 release date, the impending film wasn’t really at the forefront of fans’ minds, until Tom Hanks stopped by The Graham Norton Show and couldn’t help but drop a few hints and confirm that he has started recording dialogue for the film. According to Hanks, the entire recording process is much more strenuous than you might have guessed.

“My diaphragm gets a workout. By the time I’m leaving I’m driving home and they had to put an ice chest on my diaphragm just so I can go home because it’s clenched throughout.”

2018 is still a long way off, but watching Hanks explain what it’s like to meet children who can’t believe that he’s actually Woody is sure to hit you right in the nostalgia sweet spot.

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