Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man’ Audition Driver Offered Way Too Much Input About His Looks

Tom Holland is a good looking fella. Here he is showing off his abs. And looking handsome in a tuxedo at the Oscars. And his “Umbrella” look is so iconic, it’s now a shower curtain. But he was initially told that he wasn’t attractive enough to play Spider-Man, at least according to one driver.

In an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Holland shared the story about he got the role of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “I think I did seven or eight different auditions, I flew out to Atlanta multiple times for different screen tests,” he said. “And then when I was going for my last audition, I was very nervous and I had this driver. Lovely guy, but a little bit too honest.”

The driver told him, “You know what kid, I think you’re gonna get it.” Holland asked him why he thought that. “You know what,” he replied, “I think you’re gonna get it because the kid that I just drove there, he is so good looking.” Months later, after Holland got the part, he saw the driver again, and he goes, “I told you so.” Holland wondered, “What did you tell me? That I was gonna get the part or that I was ugly?”

The driver was onto something: not every Spider-Man can be this hot.

You can watch the clip from The Graham Norton Show above.