‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Digging For Its Director

When we last checked in on the Tomb Raider reboot, Evan Daugherty (Divergent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) had been hired to write a new script based on a young Lara Croft’s first, ill-fated archaeological expedition. Will that ever top Angelina Jolie punching a shark?

Probably not, but it’s getting rebooted anyway.

Now The Tracking Board reports which three directors are currently being sought and which director already passed.

Tricia Brock (The Walking Dead, Girls) was reportedly attached as the director at one point, but Tracking Board’s sources say she’s passed, and now producers are looking for a “Michelle MacLaren type” to replace her. (Uh… have they tried calling MacLaren?) They are rumored to have their wishlist whittled down to three names: Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), and Mimi Leder (Deep Impact).

Hardwicke is already attached to several projects and unlikely to be available. Bigelow or Leder would be great — perhaps too great to ever agree to reboot a video game adaptation — but how surreal would it be if they hired Angelina Jolie to direct this?

(Via The Tracking Board)