Japan’s ‘Tomorrowland’ Trailer Finally Explains Why ‘It’s A Small World’ Still Exists

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To this point, we haven’t had much of an explanation about Tomorrowland, in terms of what might actually happen beyond George Clooney commandeering a freakin’ rocket. Fortunately, the Japanese demand more plot from their trailers.

It appears that this movie’s going a little more explicit with the Disneyland connection; apparently, the Tomorrowland that sits in Disney theme parks is just a cover for the real, elaborate city and the various gadgets hidden all around us. One thing that’s not clear, at least from the trailers, is what the villain is up to. It’s Hugh Laurie, obviously, but just what he’s up to and why he wants to destroy Tomorrowland isn’t entirely clear.

But they’ve got to save something for the release. We’ll visit Tomorrowland on May 22.