New Details About A Reported ‘Training Day’ Prequel Have Emerged

18 years after the Antoine Fuqua-directed and David Ayer-scripted film Training Day, starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, graced theaters with its monstrous appearance, the Academy Award-winning film is getting a followup. Sure, there was the 2017 television series that starred Justin Cornwell and the late Bill Paxton, which lasted for a single season, but this followup is a reported prequel movie. And according to Collider, some new details about its story have finally surfaced.

Per Collider’s report, screenwriter Nick Yarborough has been hired by Warner Bros. to pen the Training Day prequel, which will follow Washington’s character Alonzo Harris roughly a decade before the events of the first film. The timeframe puts it in the early ’90s, which is key to the plot as the Training Day prequel will be set during the days just before the 1992 Los Angeles riots that broke out following the Rodney King verdict. Whether the tense setting will simply be a backdrop or play a significant role in Harris’ development remains to be seen.

Aside from the studio’s interest and Yarborough’s new writing gig, though, Collider stresses that no other major hirings have been made for the project. Neither Washington nor Hawke are attached to it. Nor is Fuqua, Ayer, or anyone else who produced the original film.

(Via Collider)