A New ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Clip Has Both Anthony Hopkins And Robot Dementia

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Michael Bay might have a few dozen fresh (fresh?) ideas for Transformers sequels and spinoffs that he plans to make over the next few years but for now fans are left to be excited for the latest in a long line of movies built around toys. The Last Knight is set to premiere in June so until then unspooling the story’s focus based on the trailers that have been released. Optimus Prime is front and center in the footage so far and the latest clip, which premiered during the MTV Awards, is no different.

There isn’t as much pure action in the new clip, which once features Anthony Hopkins explaining robot dementia in only the way that Sir Anthony Hopkins can. Mark Wahlberg and Optimus both appear, but Hopkins definitely steals the show when he calls Wahlberg “dude” which would be perfect and hilarious under any circumstances but especially when the pair is surrounded by Transformers and robots. There’s also some quality Transformers karate/battling which is what most fans want from the movies at this point (plot? what plot!) so even though the new footage is mostly focused on a lovely British man hanging out with robots at his country estate there’s still some robot fighting too. Everybody wins.

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