Check Out This Twisted Video For Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

10.31.15 2 years ago 2 Comments

Not for the faint of heart or squeemish, the latest video from popular YouTuber “Glam&Gore” is a dark and twisty list of the Top 10 Halloween costume ideas. It starts out innocently enough but almost immediately takes a sharp turn into pure horror territory. The makeup work is stunning though, so if you can handle a little bit of violence and a dash of fear with your costume inspiration than it is well worth a watch.

Plus, the video has an added benefit of putting you in the mood to watch related scary movies. Hopefully you don’t have any big plans for Halloween night, because now you’ll want to spend it watching The Ring or It. It might be last minute, but it’s never too late to throw together a quick “deer with an arrow through its head” outfit. Just remember to pack tissues for when small children start crying after they see you. That also applies to the Donald Trump option. Happy Haunting!

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