Universal Has Their Next Universal Monsters Movie On The Board

Dracula Untold didn’t exactly drain the box office dry, but it made its money back. And so Universal is going full steam ahead on this “Universal Monsters shared universe” thing… even though they have no idea what their next movie will be.

We’re not kidding: Slash Film, reporting on Universal staking out a release date of 2017, reports that the third entry in this nascent shared universe has the compelling title Untitled Universal Monster Franchise Film. They speculate that it’ll be a Wolfman movie, since Dracula’s already had his movie and the Mummy reboot is arriving in 2016.

By the way, apparently the Mummy reboot features Navy SEALs fighting said corpse. Anyway, their logic is that Universal wouldn’t put out a Frankenstein movie so close to next year’s Paul McGuigan movie, but movie studios really don’t think like that, especially if this is going to be a big dumb action movie with Frankenstein filling in as the anti-hero or something. Also, there was a Wolfman movie just a few years ago which Universal would like to forget.

Personally, I’d like to see an Invisible Man movie done right, although one could argue that Hollow Man is as close as we’ll get. But yeah, it’s probably Frankenstein. Unless The Navy SEALS Vs. The Mummy tanks, in which case, expect a $15 million rom-com to be hurried into production as “counter-programming.”