Watch The Hilariously Corny Trailer For ‘Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs’

With Jurassic World just weeks from its theatrical premiere, the folks at MarVista Entertainment have decided to throw their own hats into the creature feature ring with their new release, Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs.

The film follows the batsh*t events that transpire after a mining explosion in Livingston, Montana unearths a horde of dinosaurs to wreak havoc on the town. The trailer above does its best to capture all the rootin’ tootin’ glory a genre mash-up like this could really offer.

Oh, and let’s not forget Eric Roberts! That man will show up in anything.

Check out the official key art for the film below:

Someone put this image on a t-shirt, stat!

Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs will make its way to Digital HD and On Demand on May 19th.

(Via MarVista Entertainment)