Watch The Rich And Strange Extended Trailer For ‘Jupiter Ascending’

Senior Contributor
01.29.15 13 Comments

Jupiter Ascending is a movie I’m actually excited for, simply because nobody does big, strange, pulpy SF quite like the Wachowskis. Only they could put Channing Tatum in those ears and not make it a joke. That said, “big and weird” is usually a tough sell in theaters, so the extended trailer really gets into why you should go see it. Namely, there are a lot of fights, a lot of effects, and a lot of costumes.

Admittedly, the trailer may make a few people scoff. The story has all the subtlety of a punch to the nose, seeing as it’s essentially Cinderella in space with more guns, except the glass slipper here is that Mila Kunis’ janitor has the exact same genes in the exact same order as a revered queen. I’m amazed Sean Bean survives to what appears to be the climactic fight.

That said, the Wachowskis know action, and for better or worse, this isn’t going to be like anything else a major studio puts out this year. Whether it’s better or worse, we’ll find out next Friday.

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