Watch The Tribute To Paul Walker From ‘Furious 7’ Get Re-Created In ‘Grand Theft Auto’

A fan of Furious 7 and Grand Theft Auto V has combined the two by re-creating the film’s touching tribute to Paul Walker in the game.

One of the most discussed parts of Furious 7 is the film’s final tribute to Paul Walker, where his character goes for one last ride with Vin Diesel and then drives off into the sunset. The sequence is deeply personal for Diesel, who called Walker his brother and named his newborn daughter Pauline in his honor.

Even though the video game characters have that empty-eyed look, and the Vin Diesel stand-in doesn’t quite look right, it’s still very emotional when “See You Again” plays over the last shot of Walker’s car driving away.

On a somewhat related note, someone should make a Venn (Vin!) diagram of Grand Theft Auto V fans and Furious 7 fans. There’s probably quite an overlap.

Source: YouTube