We Finally Have Our First Look At The New Proton Packs For ‘Ghostbusters 3’

We already got our first look at the Ghostbuster outfits from director Paul Feig this week (see above), and the man helming Ghostbusters 3 has now given us our first look at the proton packs the ladies will be using to bust some paranormal heads.

Let’s compare that with one of the proton packs from the original series of films.

Notable is the switch of positions to the circular engine, and these “new” packs are defiantly dirtier and more makeshift, which leads me to believe that the original Ghostbusters either did not have a hand in creating these, or the parts were so scarce that they had to go to a junkyard to put them together (notice the mess of wires surrounding the wand). They still seem to run on nuclear energy, judging by the symbol on the pack, but the fact that they look more makeshift than the original models suggest that these lady-busters may be a rogue/ragtag group of paranormal vigilantes that had to put their own equipment together. What do you think of the new packs?