When Does ‘The Idea Of You’ Come Out On Amazon Prime Video?

It’s 2024, so a movie starring Anne Hathaway based on a Harry Styles-inspired fan fiction shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but it is a little jarring seeing The Princess of Genovia being treated like a normal person.

The Idea Of You follows a hip single mom Solène (Hathaway) who takes her daughter to Coachella, only to become entangled in a romantic excursion with 24-year-old Hayes, the leader of the fictional boy band August Moon. The movie is based on the bestselling book of the same name, though some minor details have been changed, like the ages of the leads.

While the age gap discourse surely has been breached, Hathaway says the film explores the idea beyond their age. “It’s kind of fun to be in a film where we talk about it, where we don’t dance around it, but we actually embrace her point of view on it,” Hathaway told TODAY, adding, “For Solène, her point of view is, you know, she became a mom really young and she really wanted to have a career and so she doesn’t totally identify with her age.”

The movie also stars Nicholas Galitzine as Hayes, Ella Rubin and Reid Scott. After premiering at SXSW this past spring, The Idea Of You is set to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime on Thursday, May 2nd. Check out the trailer below: