When Will ‘All Of Us Strangers’ Be On Streaming?

If you’ve seen more of Andrew Scott (Fleabag) and Paul Mescal (Normal People) on your timeline lately that’s because the Irish actors’ latest film, All Of Us Strangers, has finally landed in theaters. The pair star in director Andrew Haigh’s Queer love story that follows a lonely, middle-aged man (Scott) who strikes up a relationship with his neighbor (Mescal) and ends up revisiting his childhood in the strangest of ways.

The film, based on a book by author Taichi Yamada, will likely earn more than a few Oscar nominations which is why it’s releasing now — and why both Mescal and Scott are promoting it via cutesy Vanity Fair interviews and curated Spotify playlists. But, if trekking to the theater to catch this fascinating, bittersweet ghost story doesn’t fit in with your holiday plans, don’t worry — the film will probably land on streaming before awards season ends.

Haigh’s drama dropped in theaters on Dec. 22nd. Currently, the film doesn’t have a streaming release date but here’s what we know: the movie was produced by Searchlight Pictures. Searchlight Pictures is owned by Disney, which also owns Hulu now. A handful of Searchlight movies have landed on Hulu once their theatrical windows closed and, it’s likely All Of Us Strangers will do the same. As for when, we’d imagine Searchlight and Disney would like to drum up buzz for the film before Oscar voting begins and the best way to do that is to make it more widely available, i.e. streaming so look for the movie to pop up on the platform in early 2024.