When Will ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3’ Be On Disney+?

Before he decamped for the DCEU, James Gunn enjoyed one last hurrah with Marvel. This year’s summer movie season kicked off with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which closed out the most eccentric wing of the MCU. You’ll probably see some of the gang again; the final post-credits scene sure makes it seem like Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord will be back in some fashion. As for the film itself, if you missed it in theaters, you won’t have to wait long for it to be on streaming.

Since Marvel is owned by Disney, the third Guardians will first wind up on Disney+. But when will that be exactly?

The answer, as per Digital Spy, is Wednesday, August 2.

When the first Guardians of the Galaxy was released in 2014, it was the MCU’s 10th-ever film. It also featured an eclectic crew who wouldn’t join the Avengers for another few years, namely with 2017’s Infinity War. (Some good that did: It was Peter Quill who let his emotions get the better of him and obstruct the team from defeating Thanos, leading to that infamous snap.)

It was also the strangest Marvel movie at the time, with strong traces of Gunn’s early days at the legendary exploitation house that is Troma. It loosened up the franchise, paving the way for Taika Waititi’s to take the Thor wing in sillier directions.

The third and final Guardians entry is arguably the strangest yet, filled with scores of violence, tons of deaths, and a backstory about the Bradley Cooper-voiced Rocket Racoon that’s unexpectedly tearjerking. Disney+ subscribers are free to enjoy it starting August 2.

(Via Digital Spy)